Hallagan Business Machines is the hub for Risograph supplies and service in the Chicagoland area. HBM first opened as a typewriter shop in 1961, selling everything from Smith-Corona to Royal typewriters. Terry Hallagan believed in a simple idea: if you work with products you trust, and have strong relationships, you are sure to succeed. From the start, Hallagan Business Machines worked with customers ranging from start-up shops to some of Chicago's most respected institutions, and we have earned our reputation for fair, responsive and considerate service. We are nationally recognized and awarded as leaders in our field.

Today, in the same location on North Avenue, HBM is run by Terry's ninth daughter, Joan Hallagan. She recognized the rapid pace of change in office technology, as typewriters gave way to computers and printers. Recognizing that change was a necessity, Joan began a partnership with RISO Kagaku Corporation, an innovative printer company. With a similar set of values and well-respected quality, RISO was the top choice for the next phase of HBM. For the past 20 years, HBM and RISO have partnered to offer high-quality printing and office products and excellent customer service throughout Chicagoland.

What is RISO, Inc.?

RISO, Inc. is headquartered in the Boston, Massachusetts. RISO products are known for high speeds, high performance and environmentally sustainable technology. RISO specialists are experts in researching and developing new technologies and creating unique, soy-based ink formulas. Each system is capable of printing 90 pages per minute, on average. RISO machines pair well with other devices, and the thick overlays of ink make color jump off the page. They offer similar capabilities to an office photocopier, but are also renowned for their creative print-making capacity.

RISO represents a class of printers unlike any other system on the market. With a RISO, you can re-imagine the capabilities of a copy machine or printer. Whether you need hundreds of black-and-white forms or want to create a one-of-a-kind color print, there is a fast, environmentally friendly RISO machine that will meet your needs.