Communicate, consolidate, collaborate and make

The FW is the latest technology to be released by RISO in their comprehensive line of Inkjet systems. This compact, multi-functional device can carry the weight of high-production systems in a single, office-friendly unit. With several upgrades from the previous inkjet device, we believe that RISO is making every next step towards the future of strong technological systems. 

Unlike its predecessor, the FW has additional drivers compatible with Apple computers. Now more adept for truly any environment, the FW is an excellent addition for office functions and daily tasks. 

It's Fast 

RISO printers are famous for their speed and overall production output, and the FW upholds this speedy legacy. The FW can print 120 pages per minute. With only a small reduction when duplex printing, this machine will produce at a faster pace than its competitors. 

It's Compact

RISO innovators believe that environmental concerns should be at the center of their production process, from beginning to end. This system has an extremely low carbon footprint, and due to Riso's entirely unique cold print process, releases 0 carbon emissions into your interior air space. Toner particles and compounds, and used laser coils can add stress to our surrounding environment. The RISO is a great fit for a small, compact office space adding to a better, and cleaner, overall work flow. 

You Can Consolidate

Built in drawers and saving functions mean that you can do more with less equipment. With higher overall speeds, you are able to increase the total amount you produce, in less time. Our experienced service and sales teams work one-on-one with each new office, fine tuning your features to your needs, letting you focus on your work. 

Make More

We will help you customize the exact model that will work best for your office. The FW only requires ink to run. Supplies can be ordered whenever you need them, without any additional fees. The system has an internal memory for any documents, which are saved directly and pulled up for later use. You can store pages that you print frequently without using up more space on your computer's hard drive, and be even more organized. Maybe save sign-in sheets or fax slip covers that constantly need to be reprinted - your printer is a resource.

Add the features you want 

With custom menu options, you can add your favorite features to your front menu, making your work even faster. We can program the printer to put what you use most often up front - for immediate access. There are a number of organizational and sorting options that also can ease workflow, doing some of the work for you. 

The FW addition to the line of Riso inkjets makes our product line more comprehensive than ever. With a fresh new look, this inkjet maintains the best features Riso has to offer with new, updated components, built on customer feedback. Riso continues to be the fastest inkjet on the market. We look forward to introducing them to you in person.