Integrating the RISO with your computer

Applicable for Comcolor X1 users

Scanning documents directly to your computer is a cinch.  

1. Type printers IP address directly into your browser. 


If you don't know your IP address, here's how to find it. 


It should like something like this: 

Note, your address may have a different amount of numbers. 

Note, your address may have a different amount of numbers. 

Next, the printer window will open up: 

From here, you can check your ink levels, look at what is line for the printer (past documents you've sent over) or download scans that you scanned to the INTERNAL HARDDRIVE from the scanner. 

To find and download scans, Select Scanner from the side bar menu and a list of scanned pdfs will appear: 

If you named your scans when you were at the RISO then they will be reflected here. You can see the Username, number of pages and a time stamp. From here, you can Download by selecting the button at the top of the screen. 

This friendly little link. 

This friendly little link. 

The file will automatically be placed in the downloads folder of your internet browser. It may be different depending on your computer type and internet provider.

You can Save As for later or Open the file immediately. 


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