How to bring production in-house, for any office

There are couple key points to consider when looking at creating an environment that can handle high-volume (several hundred a month) print needs. We've compiled a list of some of the essentials that could help you save hundreds from outsourcing your print jobs. 

1. Reliable cutting equipment

There are TONS of types of cutting equipment on the market. We got our paper cutter from MBM, who we are very happy with, that will automatically cut stacks of paper that are an inch tall in one swoop. Going to this from a handcutter has been revolutionary for the time it would take us to put out products, plus it has been a definite quality upgrade from mismatched pages. 

2. Stock of paper options 

We find, and our customers agree, that it is key to keep a couple of different options in your wheelhouse for various projects. The top ones we need a constant supply of our cases of letter size, reams of legal, a type of cardstock and envelopes. As a business, we also always have ncr paper on hand for receipts but they may or may not be useful for you. There are loads of paper companies as well. Our customers recommend the following: 

Mohawk Paper: Dedicated to environmental sustainability, offering colorful, textured lines of paper.

Neenah Paper: Bright colors, a variety of textures and excellent pricing. 

French Paper Company: Based in Michigan, a four-generation family owned paper mill. 

(Company titles link to sites)

3. Multi-Function Device 

Why the RISO? Because it is best printer on the market when it comes to speed and price point. The average inkjet printer can run at the speeds comparable to a press but designed for short-run printing. Perhaps your organization has a monthly newsletter or in-house newspaper that you produce. The output and the time it takes to run it cannot be matched. 

4. Folding machine (optional but oh so great) 

We love our folding machine. Ours is a semi-automatic MBM product. It can fold multiple page sizes in 7 different folding options. 

MBM Paper cutter in our Oak Park office. Also, our paper holder which we've had for years and can hold up to 50 different reams.