Web resources for you and your RISO

Whether bringing in a new RISO or looking for new tricks to try with your current RISO, we've looked for the best free resource for you online:


Risograph specific:

Color Separation for your Duplicator

If you're looking for ways to separate color on the Riso, this 3-part series will teach you how. Starting with how to set-up your Illustrator document to sending files from your computer to print. Learn how to build overlays for print documents with this great tool. 

Part 1: Preparing Adobe Illustrator files for Risograph Printing

Part 2: Creating the separations for Risograph Printing

Part 3: Separations Preview and Color Charts

How to set-up Halftones in Illustrator 

This step by step guide will walk you through several different ways to create a half-tone effect in Adobe Illustrator. 

 >>Creating Halftones

Paper stocks for the RISO

French Paper Co. highlights paper stocks, weights, tones and textures that uniquely compliment Risograph equipment. Here, they've collected advice and preferences from designers across the country who shared their favorite choices.. 

>> French Paper paper stock recommendations

Creating Halftones in Illustrator 

Creating Halftones in Illustrator 

Step by step color separation

Step by step color separation

Paper Stocks from French Paper Co. 

Paper Stocks from French Paper Co. 

Impactful Monochrome via Canva

Impactful Monochrome via Canva



Web Resources & Inspiration

Thinking about a Monochromatic Color Scheme

This resource is packed with articles, advice and how-to's aimed to better your skills as a graphic designer. This article is a convincing demonstration that monochromatic color scales can be a great visual tool. 

>>Monochrome color palettes

Choosing color palettes

Share any and all color palettes, ideas and inspiration with this community of color lovers. You can find play with their online tools and create your own swatches or make exact matches to ideas that you like. 

>>Browse color palettes

Unique and Free fonts

This site allows you to download from a enormous selection of newly designed fonts for personal use and install them in Photoshop and Illustrator. If sending a document to print to the RISO directly from either program, make sure to select Type, Create Outlines from the menu before printing. Another option would be to save your document as a PDF, before you select print. 

>>Browse fonts

AIGA Eye on Design

Learn more about the most current trends in graphic design, visual arts, typography and much, much more. This is the jackpot of resources to find more resources. The American Insitute of Graphic Arts is the professional association for design and has been celebrated for 100 years for its role in the field. 

>> See AIGA