Pop-up gallery at the Chicago Design Museum


Thursday June 23rd we featured the following local Chicago artists for an evening of Risography at the Chicago Design Museum. Weaved within their current exhibit (until July 30th) of Unfolded: Made with Paper, we included prints, books and posters produced on Risograph equipment. Some highlights below! 


Featured Artists:

Alex Kostiw Alex Kostiw.com    

John Pham  Substitute Life

Clay Hickson Clay Hickson

Pefectly Acceptable Press Perfectly Acceptable Press     

Temporary Services Temporary Services     

Yewon Kwon  Yewon Kwon  also a participant of THE FOLD

Mary lin Yoshimura Mary Lin Yoshimura

Jarad Solomon Jarad Solomon

Rohan McDonald  Rohan McDonald

Nick Adam Nick Adam

George Wietor  George Wietor