Extra, Extra!

Hilarious cartoons, gripping photographs and first-hand narratives of what happens in and around this CPS high school are captured in their monthly school paper, The Maroon. In one edition, they highlight sports achievements, cover current events and tackle big questions affecting the community.

This project is a collaborative student effort produced by the Art and English departments each month. The students collect data, take photographs and write essays, commentaries and reviews for the student body and staff. Each circulation totals 800 editions. 

The students work on both the content and the production. They learn how to see a piece of work through from first draft to print production. The school brought in Riso equipment for its full color, speed and ease of use as the dedicated equipment to print, fold and staple the Maroon. 



Illustrated cartoons & editorial pieces


Sports Section & Opinion polls

Printed on a 7110