Colour Code

With countless unique prints, this studio makes printing an art form. With color-filled pages, intricate designs and a dedicated attention to detail, Colour Code makes prints that jump off the page. Alongside very talented illustrators, their efforts produce countless print pieces, varying from bound books to single sheets for events. 

They say there is always a method to the madness, and here it is: these printers consistently produce high-quality work and tour the globe to present their work in fairs and markets. 

The Riso is known for playing nicely with other equipment, and Colour Code has lots. This studio offers thermography, screen printing, offset and digital services. Their online shop features a portfolio of work, and you can have anything shipped to your door or custom ordered. Take a look!

You can find all of Jesjit's work at Colour Code Printing

How to Cook Meat, Illustrations by Adam Waito @adamwaito

Illustrations by Clay Hickson @tanandloosepress

Collective Illustrated piece, Cover by Janet Sung @kuru731

Illustrated by Tallulah Fontaine @tallulahfontaine