Revving up for September

September is looming - is it time to rev up for a new project? We've broken down 3 essential updates you can make on your Risograph to make it an even better instrument for projects and planning. Pardon us while we get a little technical: 

1. Update user profiles & passwords

2. Create a Shared Folder

3. Run a strong cleaning on the print heads


Updating User Profiles and Passwords

1. Each user profile can be created and deleted with Admin Authority. Once you've logged in as an Admin, a Settings option appears in the bottom right hand corner of your Home Screen. 

From here, select Settings, then User Setting from the first page of options. A list of names will pop up that you can Change, Add or Delete. Highlight the name and select Delete to remove any users. Highlight and select Change if you need to adjust a name, change or create new passwords. A menu of options will pop up that you can directly select for any adjustments. To Add a new user, no highlight is necessary, you will be prompted to make a new profile all together. 

Click Path: Admin > Settings > User Setting > Add, Change or Delete a User

Customize Shared Folders for your Department

2. Creating a shared Folder means you can save and scan, copy or print to a folder that can be retrieved later. Take-home notices, office sign-in sheets, anything that gets reproduced over and over throughout the year. Once you've logged in as an Admin and selected Settings from the bottom right hand corner of the home screen, you'll see the option. 

You can find the new Shared folder from your Print screen. You will find the Folder tab along the options bar OR in your Save to Folder option among your Copy Functions. 

Click Path: Admin > Settings > Arrow down to Page 2 > Shared Folder > Add > Name the Folder > Select all Users

Mean, green, clean machine

3. From your home screen, select Copy Folder and select Functions from the top tabs. Depending on how your machine is customized, you'll see an option that reads Head Cleaning on the first or second page. Once you've made the selection, you'll see two options. Running a Strong Cleaning will take about 3 minutes and help refresh the print heads. The Normal Cleaning takes about a minute. 

Click Path: Home Screen> Copy > Functions > Head Cleaning > Strong Cleaning