Another reason you should look at the Comcolor: create custom envelopes

What if you could personalize everything? Or maybe a few things for a special event? 

Countless copies can create boundless opportunities for adding color to what you make. Considering spicing up a fundraising event or adding a personal touch to a correspondence? Color has proven to increase open rates and drive responses. 

Creating your own envelopes with matte-finish color is one more way to deliver a personalized message:

We know that color on an envelope significantly impacts a reader's decision to open it. Think about the ways you could weave color into your print outreach with a highlight or small element, and generate higher rates of interest for your messaging. [1] The beauty of the inkjet is that it can add layers and layers of color whenever you need it. 

49% of respondants reported that they are more likely to open an envelope with color on it [1]