Want to make some prints on cardstock?

Each Riso can handle card stock with a varying degree of weights and textures, depending on the model. If you're trying to make some new, awesome prints on card stock, and run into any issues before your masterpiece is done, quick - just adjust the feed switch. 

Here's some facts: the purpose of the switch is to create more room between the rubber roller and the pad. In a friction-fed system, this type of adjustment is crucial. Without the right kind of space for the page to pull, you could end up with each sheet running one at a time - not cool.

The image on the switch has two options, one of a rectangle with an "X" through it. The other is a line with an "X" through it. The card stock setting is the one on the right, marked by the rectangle with the X through it. 

There are so many amazing postcards, notecards, packaging options, flyers, table tents and more that would look absolutely outstanding on card stock. Don't believe us? See below: