Paint myself in blue and red and black and grey

For the Printers and Print Buyers out there:

"You know, grey is my favorite color"... to gather, organize and deliver the information that connects the work that your agency is trying to do with the people who need to know about it.

There are a number of online groups gathering information on the meaning and symbolism behind certain colors. Why brands use them, what they represent, and how to incorporate them into your organzation. Some of this, we've known for years. But what we're still learning is how each of us, on an individual and an institutional level, apply what we've learned.

Throughout Chicago several sites like course horse and dabble connect you to classes happening around the city, or places like Next Door Cafe who host a variety of coaching classes. 

Some classes for skill strengthening:

Dabble: Risograph 101-hands on experience

Monday April 17: Self-publishing 101

Adobe Illustrator for Print makers

Print Production Essentials


Creative Market: RISOGRAPHIA

Half-tone Vector kit