Kat Marshello Studio: A Creative Entrepeneur's Approach

Here is somebody who believes that creativity takes courage and that you should do what you love.

Kat Marshello Studio prepares a variety of client work - custom cards and stationary, among many other projects, through her online portfolio and etsy studio.

Kat creates unique creations from her Seattle-based studio. Much of her work is on display through #kmarshellostudio, everything from books to cards to posters to colorful notes.

Cards by Kat Marshello. Printed by Issue Press.


Above printed by Paper Press Punch.


Kat illustrates, designs and consults on creative projects.

Kat's creative work is extensive and covers topics that are filled with her unique voice. Her website hosts projects about maps, seasonal vectors, hand lettering and interactive design. Her work demonstrates a range that sparks the imagination of any book-lover, art-appreciator or traveling soul.

Her cards above were a collaboration with production artists who are experts on the risograph duplicator. Their links, noted above, show each studio's online shop, as well as contact information to have your own custom work created. Both studios print commissioned projects.

A look at Kat's studio:

Also, check out Kat's Etsy

You can keep up with Kat and what she is up to next via her blog, Instagram or Etsy updates. She is constantly sharing inspiration, ideas and new creative endeavors.

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Kat's instagram: @kmarshello | #Kmarshelloart
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website: Kat Marshello Studio
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Production websites: Issue Press | Paper Press Punch