RISO is committed to moving forward

We are committed to high-quality products that allow you to print hundreds of pages of brilliant color prints. Whether providing educational materials or printing daily essentials, RISO delivers the best results possible. Documents printed on the RISO are done so at speeds that are unparalleled in our market.

Our environment is constantly changing. We’ve seen how small day-to-day actions can have a long-term impact. RISO is dedicated to maintaining environmentally sound practices from product to production. Engineered for high performance, the RISO inkjet utilizes a unique, cool-print process. Our inkjet systems deliver high-volume printing without having a negative impact on the surrounding air quality. We've seen how each innovation from RISO is influenced by its preceding line, making each Risograph better than the last and built on customer satisfaction. 


It's about quality

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION is an international leader in printing and duplicating equipment. In his small shop in 1946, Noboru Hayama founded the basic technology that continues to drive research and development today. RISO duplicators and printers are internationally renowned products, serving offices on every continent. 

At Hallagan Business Machines, we're a leading certified RISO dealer and long-time partner of RISO, Inc. We believe in their dedication to serving any organization and their ongoing commitment to creating products for educational settings. RISO products are designed for users, and benefit organizations looking to grow and succeed.  


Why we're not the typical photocopier

Cool-process printing is a product of FORCEJET technology. Designed to prevent frequent breakdown and improve air quality, RISO utilizes a cool process for monochrome and full color printing. RISO printers include captivating design features, and are compatible with a variety of paper types -- you can print practically anything. This process has proven to reduce overhead costs, present minimal breakdown, promote ink efficiency and provide better overall working environments. The inkjet printers drop ink on the page, and the ink and paper interact based on the paper weight, texture and finish. The cool process works for anything from daily documents to complex projects.  

Our EPEAT rating | Energy Star Certified