Full line of Comcolor X1:

Copy, print and scan in one consolidated device
Energy Star certification


FW 5000

Smaller footprint, same high speeds

The FW offers the process, footprint, and increased user experience we've been waiting for. Offering a unique and user-intuitive control panel, the FW can fit in to a small work space and bring a fresh approach to short-run printing. Take on new projects and know that you have a reliable device on the network!

  • Custom control panel
  • Multi-tray system

Comcolor X1 3110

Copying, printing and scanning, on-demand.

With unmatched speeds and vibrant color the 3110 is the first in its class to produce high-volume prints with a low-carbon footprint. As versatile as it is dependable, the curved paper path allows for easy double-sided printing. This machine makes printing a packet of flyers or hundreds of documents a cinch.

  • Multi-user environments
  • Imaging adjustments

Leader in ledger prints

Comcolor X1 7110

Leader in ledger, on the cutting edge of fast.

Similar to the 3110, the 7110 is a necessary tool for offices looking to print a variety of applications. The image area capabilities and increased rate of pages per minute, make this machine a favorite. With even more opportunities for dynamic color and creative paper functions, this machine is ideal for users printing posters and publications. 

  • 120 ppm 
  • Full color 
RISO strives to create fundamentally unique new technologies in paper-based communication through an approach that emphasizes productivity, cost containment, and versatility.

Comcolor X1 9150 with Finisher

The complete production kit.

The RISO Comcolor X1 9150 delivers high-volume prints at maximum speeds. The 9150 is the powerhouse of production equipment. With accompanying accessories you can run more volume at a more frequent pace. Designed to offset large presses, this could be the partner to any device that has a high operating cost. Together, the devices function as an in-house system that completely re-imagines how you print. 

  • 150 ppm
  • Two and Three hole-punch ( with finisher )
  • Various fold options ( with finisher
  • Booklet making ( with finisher
  • Stapling options for up to 100 sheets of paper  ( with finisher

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Risograph technology is rated to produce millions of copies, allowing you to share more, even more frequently. Our model helps support businesses. Hallagan Business Machines considers the total cost of ownership when helping you create a plan to incorporate a Risograph. Our commitment to high-quality products is why we choose Riso again and again.

      RISO's core technologies

Ink Development Technology

High-speed paper feeding system technology

Print process optimization