Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main difference between a copier and a duplicator ?  

The biggest difference between a copier and duplicator is the lack of heat. Riso's are known for "cool-process" printing, a technique that requires extremely low energy usage and can handle thousands of copies. The core technology developed in the 1950's continues to drive development of current duplicators.

2. What print jobs are good to run on a duplicator ?

Any document that requires 40 or more copies are extremely cost-effective to run on a RISO.

3. What is a master?

Masters are a thin, wax-like papers that absorb digitized images and hold them as a stencil. 

4. What type of paper works best with your printers?

Smooth papers run best on RISOs. The best paper types include matte finish, presentation paper, or inkjet.

5. What type of ink is required?

All of the inks are soy-based products and known for high-yield outputs. Our inkjet printers use CMYK while the duplicators use a higher density Z-type ink.


  • RISO is headquarted in Burlington, MA


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